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TAP Review of Stretch Your Mind by Gustavo Razzetti

May 14, 2021 Afrocentrist Season 3 Episode 2
The Afrocentrist Podcast
TAP Review of Stretch Your Mind by Gustavo Razzetti
Show Notes

How are you today? And how did your week go? I hope you had a good holiday? I, Ejiro got to hang out with some friends and it felt good to be out of my cocoon for a bit. 

Now, today’s episode is quite lengthy but gosh!!! It’s so good! I legit had a great time editing this one. I kept laughing and laughing but at the same time learning. And there is something sweet about learning while having fun, it tends to stick better. I want you to experience that too, so just block out time to watch this one. You could listen as well, I promise you’d get the same feeling either way. 

So, we introduced a new segment to The Afrocentrist podcast (TAP) called TAP review where we get to review a book. This will take place every second and fourth Friday of the month so watch out for it.  

Our first book on this segment is “STRETCH YOUR MIND” by GUSTAVO RAZZETTI. This is such a short but very interesting and practical book. You’re going to love this review I promise. 

There is a pace test link that came with the book and you should try it out and send us your feedback. Also in your feedback let us know which of the stretches we covered in today’s episode resonates with you the most and which one you are going to try out. 

Take the pace test here -

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