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The Afrocentrist Podcast


Welcome to the Afrocentrist Podcast! Where we explore everything from personal development, to fulfilment, African pride, dating and all things that make your spirit thrive. The Afrocentric Podcast is not just for Afrocentric people but for EVERYBODY. Our show will entertain as well as educate and focus on uplifting positivity. So take some time out on your commute or lunch break and plugin with us and be inspired!The Afrocentrist Podcast - Proudly African. On the Afrocentrist, our goal is to help you think about areas where you need to improve to make you a well rounded African. Whether that is personal growth, business growth, career growth, health growth, financial growth, spiritual growth or even relational growth. The point is you need to be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. We want our content to inspire your thoughts and challenge your mind to go on a journey of a better you.